Creating Adaptable, Productive and Healthy Workplaces



Sending changed leaders into changed systems.

Increasing capacity is at the core of true transformation. And we believe that when traditional training and innovative coaching converge, you’ll see the kind of change that sticks within your leaders, teams and entire healthcare system.

That’s how we make healthcare healthier, together.

System development and capacitation

While we love to work with independent leaders, we realize the danger of sending a changed leader into an unchanged system. Let us help.

Find out how we design better working systems.
Our preference is to work with your leaders, teams and groups of teams to co-create and develop the dynamics that deliver the results you seek and need.

If we want different results, we need to redesign the system.

You can’t afford the time or money to focus on flavor-of-the-month interventions. We understand your organization is more than a jumble of boxes and lines—it’s a living system defined by living things—actual people.

Using our system-design acumen, our deep background in leadership and clinical cultures, coupled with your inside knowledge, we help you identify structures, patterns and dynamics that enable and disable what you want to create.

Using validated tools and processes, we help you measure your current state and create action toward a future state of learning, performance and vitality. We will get everyone in the room so that mindsets and interactions shift to drive tremendous growth and return.

Culture transformation

Every team and organization has a culture—the way people behave and operate together in order to function. Some cultures can serve as the gas pedal to achieve the organization’s results. Other cultures can serve more like a brake system in those efforts. 

We partner with you to identify the current state of your culture and support you in how to leverage the culture needed to attain your strategic and long-term results.

Learn how we focus on shaping your culture dynamically.

As declared by Peter Drucker, “Culture eats strategy for breakfast”. No matter how you define culture, our experience and other’s evidence supports that focusing on the organization’s “underlying operating system” yields positive and much desired results in an organization’s strategic areas of focus.

 We offer a comprehensive, healthcare-specific approach to organizational performance improvement that enhances the experience of all caregivers—physicians and staff alike, that drives efficiencies, reduces costs and supports enhancing well-being for all.

 We leverage a Polarity assessment tool to measure the elements important to your culture—current and future. Unlike other off-the-shelf surveys, we can co-create a survey tool that is meaningful to your specific needs and is actionable by your leaders and teams within their ongoing work, rather than on top of other work.

Individual and team development and capacitation

We help executive leaders create productive, agile and healthy organizations. We partner with you to prepare your leaders, their teams and the entire system to more effectively achieve desired goals, with less wear and tear on everyone.

Find out how we teach leaders to think different.
Organizations today, and those of tomorrow, need leaders who have the capacity and agility to face challenges not previously encountered—continuously.

Like you, we’ve experienced leaders who’ve been promoted for their superb positional skills, and then often fail when they need to lead teams or coordinate teams of teams in cross-functional, complex and quickly moving environments.

There are no well-worn paths with one right answer. Instead, there are numerous paths and much uncertainty, and they all converge on your capacity to mobilize numerous others, often beyond your span of control, to coordinate, effective action.

Our passion and skill is partnering with you to change your entire leadership operating system, precisely tailored to your business environment and your internal dynamics. You’ll always acquire new skills and competencies, but we help you cultivate your capacity—your ability to get more done, without adding more time and resources.

We integrate leadership coaching, mentoring, polarity thinking, vertical development, validated assessment tools and pre- and post-measurement to define your success and movement.

Physician and nurse leadership effectiveness and engagement

The importance of physician leadership is well researched, sought after and sourced with millions of dollars annually.

Hours of course work, certificates and leadership presence from physician CEOs, CMOs, VPMAs and medical directors do not necessarily capacitate your organization with the mindsets and skills that need to be in place where physicians are thinking, working and interacting. We can help.

Learn how we help physicians succeed in leadership roles.
Much has been written about the importance of having physicians in leadership roles and the challenges faced by physicians as they shift from leading in a focused, problem-oriented environment to one that has many complex interdependencies.

We bring a validated, powerful framework that results in rapid, sustainable behavior change and greater collaboration and systems thinking in key positions and across the clinician population.

Through coaching, mentoring with physician leaders who’ve “been there, done that,” and engaging the physician leader(s) and their teams, we support the leader’s ecosystem so that each interaction supports performance, learning and vitality for clinicians and stakeholders.

Dyad leadership

As a sector inevitably requiring cross-professional collaboration between business approaches and clinical methodologies, health care seems ideally suited for dyadic leadership approaches, and the large number of organizations who have moved to dyad structures reflects this awareness. However, dyad function—in terms of driving performance, adaptation and learning across the cohort of dyads—remains variable. We can help.

Discover how we optimize dyads.
Just as one changing leader can create more healthy influence when the other leaders in the organization are also developing, dyads themselves become more influential and effective when they develop their skills and capacity together and in relationship to an aligned “simples rules” context with other dyads in their health care ecosystem.

We help you design the optimum and validated path toward augmenting the efficacy of dyads within your structure, tapping case-based, experiential learning as specific support for your organization’s strategy.

You’ll see dyads who get more done, learn more from each other and other dyads and find they have more time to do the essential work of their roles.

Succession, transition and post-transition

We partner with you to develop your senior leaders, so they can be successful in leading the multi-disciplinary work of a complex organization on a challenging landscape.

Through this work, you reduce your strategic and operating risk, while collaborative commitment, cultural alignment and rigorous performance all rise. We bring our expertise in advising, developing and assisting stable and changing executive teams.

Learn how we approach succession planning.
Any time there’s an addition or a subtraction to an executive team, the whole team shifts, but these days, larger numbers of executives are departing and arriving en masse.

Smart organizations use the time ahead of these turnovers in executive roles to position the organization for stability during the transition and emergence of rigorous internal candidates ahead of it.

By thinking ahead and investing in growing the leadership capacity of future, internal executives, you have the opportunity to create risk arbitrage on an uncertain future.

Our approach integrates traditional horizontal skill development (competency measures and skills training) with more transformational development processes that enlarge your leaders’ capacity to assume any executive role.

We partner with you to create stretch assignments that provide fertile ground for learning by experience. We create “safe-to-fail” experiences so that applied learning occurs. And, we design simulations that integrate real organizational challenges in support of strategic and systems thinking.

Whatever their new role, your team will be prepared to stabilize the organization’s transition and accelerate the future.

Find out how we help you succeed with transitions and post-transitions.
The space and time immediately after significant transitions is often described as a “honeymoon,” but the reality is that both high potential and high risk lurk in this interval.

Issues of history, context, clashes of perspective and philosophy and outright power dynamics swirl in an unpredictable mix.

Many organizations and executive teams give random chance too much space during this period, depending on “what’s worked before for us” to pilot them through a must-succeed time.

We work with executives to ensure that, whatever your strategy and operating model, you’re seeing the landmines, dismantling obstacles and converting resistance to momentum so you can focus on your essential work—creating a working organization defined by high performance, continuous learning and wide engagement at every level.

Mergers and acquisitions

According to the Harvard Business Review, 70-90 percent of acquisitions are deemed failures. We provide the support needed to appreciate the differences in cultures, strategies and support the crucial work of engaging employees.

Find out how to maximize the “and” in tensions.
The simple—yet not easy—shift in cultural mindsets highlights ways that maximize the “and” in tensions. Learning how to “get and give” can be a factor that makes or breaks a successful merger and acquisition.

In 2017, Cliff Kayser supported 55 physician-scientists researchers, research administrators and leaders of two organizations to advance their work on a research and education partnership. The team identified seven polarities crucial to the success of the new venture and mapped them using Polarity Maps®.


Developing culture and strategy in real-time, cross-functional teams identified key research and practice interests and uncovered issues and opportunities together planned existing and future research, activities and capacity development initiatives.


The success of this engagement to support establishing a “culture of partnership and capacity development initiatives” contributed to global genomics and bioinformatics that is improving health and making the partnerships a world leader in biomedical research.

Preparing emerging executives

The future of an organization depends on preparing executives today. At SixSEED Partners, succession planning is multilayered.

A transformative approach that maintains the best and continuity of what’s working now and transforms executives for the future of what organizations can have tomorrow.

We can help.

Our process works

We use a co-creation process that begins with a consultative dialog.

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