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We are healthcare leaders, physicians and executive coaches passionate about making healthcare healthier.

SixSEED Partners is a healthcare consultancy firm focused on one mission:

We guide forward-thinking healthcare leaders, teams and systems to create sustainable, transformational change.

As proven healthcare leaders, physicians and executive coaches, we leverage our deep and broad functional experiences in the healthcare industry to drive developmental change efforts for leaders, teams and entire organizations.

Our collaborative, interdependent and custom-designed services are designed to help you increase the capacity of your leaders and teams, so your healthcare system can navigate complexity more effectively.


What we do, together.

Traditional leadership training is effective for horizontal development—gaining knowledge of leadership skills to manage predictable, linear problems. Skill building helps improve efficiency and effectiveness.

But, it's not enough.

Leadership coaching efforts can advance a leader’s training by beginning to address vertical development—growing the leader's capacity to fully lead within rapidly changing, complex and unpredictable environments.

When this type of development is integrated with the development of support structures around the leader, the team and the system—the development now truly has a chance to stick. In this way, the capacity at all levels of the system is increased to the next level needed for success.

We send changed leaders into changed systems. 


System Development and Capacitation


  • Organizational Development
  • Culture Transformation

Individual and Team Development and Capacitation


  • Executive Leadership
  • Physician and Nurse Leadership
  • Dyad Leadership

Succession, Transition and Post-Transition


  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Preparing Emerging Executives

Solving short-term problems with long-term transformation

We help deepen strategic, operational and cultural capacity within healthcare organizations to secure a dynamic future.

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Engaging SixSEED Partners

Our approach to making healthcare healthier includes meeting you and your leaders precisely where you are, customizing capacitation and transformation services to ensure goals are achieved, and using systems thinking and polarity frameworks throughout each engagement.


Transformative Consulting

Optimizing organizations for sustainable change.

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Executive Coaching

Increasing the capacity of high-performing leaders.

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Team Coaching

Helping teams to reach the pinnacle of outcomes.


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