Making Healthcare Healthier, Together


Guiding healthcare leaders, teams and systems to SUCCEED.

SixSEED Partners shares a common vision of success—one we think you will find appealing:

We help to create fully capacitated leaders, teams and healthcare systems who effectively improve the health of their patients and employees, as well as the communities they serve.

To achieve this vision, SixSEED Partners is committed to guiding forward-thinking healthcare leaders to create sustainable, transformational change within healthcare organizations amidst increasing complexity and ambiguity. Our customizable, multi-prong approach focuses on increasing leader, team and system-level capacities so whatever comes your way, your people will respond effectively in the short-term, as well as long after our engagement ends.

We are passionate about making HEALTHCARE HEALTHIER.

Our senior healthcare leaders and certified leadership coaches focus on a combination of horizontal and vertical development approaches to create custom-designed and interdependent services in collaboration with our clients and their specific needs.

From our own leadership experiences, we know that both development foci are vital for creating the strategic, operational and cultural capacities needed to secure and sustain a dynamic future.

We also leverage our many decades of experience in our own internal teamwork to be living examples and learning environments for ourselves and our clients. We walk our talk and are there with you—that’s how EVERY ONE SUCCEEDS.


Meet our founding partners.

Our consulting bench includes professionals who have succeeded in high-level leadership roles within healthcare systems. Specifically, we have served as physicians, nurses, clinical researchers, c-suite, MBAs and Human Resources.

As a boutique firm of independent partners who have come together under the philosophy that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, we’re committed to precisely matching our services and consultants to the needs of our clients. This model allows us to be more efficient and cost-effective. You’ll receive what you need—no more, no less.


We live by our guiding principles.

At SixSEED Partners, out goal is to deepen strategic, operational and cultural capacity within mid-sized healthcare organizations to secure a dynamic future by solving short-term problems with long-term transformation.


Co-Creation & Collaboration:

We work with our clients and partners to create and deliver “life-giving results.”


Abundance & Positivity

We believe these outcomes are possible and thus leverage what is available to get there.


Learning & Transparency

We are in the service of learning and continuous improvement, which requires open sharing and feedback.


Commitment & Sustainability

We are committed to helping our clients succeed in achieving their missions, with a continuous capacity to do so long term.


We partner with you to achieve transformation.

We’re guiding forward-thinking healthcare leaders, teams and systems to create sustainable, transformational change.


We envision a better future.

We see a future with fully capacitated leaders, teams and healthcare systems who effectively improve the health of their patients and employees, as well as the communities they serve.

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