The term “transformation” is used to describe the paradigm shifts that organizations and individuals need to do in order to meet the desired goals for a more preferred future. Transformation can be allusive, but obtainable, with optimal mindset shifts needed for success.

In order to prepare the mindset shifts needed for transformation, here are five valuable tips to best prepare for optimal transformation for individuals, teams and organizations.

  1. Transformation is multi-layered and integrated across multiple levels of leadership, sponsors and strategic partners.

Although mission, vision and strategy are often directed by the top levels of leadership, transformational culture involves a multi-layered and integrated approach. From the top-level leaders to strategic teams, changing mindsets to a transformational culture is a team sport.

  1. Supplementing “either/or” unilateral thinking with “both/and” polarity thinking.

In many cases, thinking in polarities and using a polarity approach to certain challenges can provide leverage and sustainable results that “either/or” thinking alone can provide to address complexity, culture, change and conflict. Like yin and yang, polarities are interdependent tensions “margin AND mission” (an “AND” not an “OR). Organizations need to have optimal focus on reaching the epitome of BOTH, not choosing between both or merely “balancing” the poles.

  1. Transformation requires vertical development of leaders.

Think of horizontal development of leaders as skill acquisition. This can help increase a leader’s situational effectiveness, but is less likely to result in the capacity to think more systemically and effectively handle ambiguity or increasing complexity. Developing those capacities, which lead to sustainable transformation, requires vertical development. Consider a physician that treats a single disease, as compared with population health. Disease management requires horizontal learning. Long-term wellness requires thinking about patients in a more complex and system-oriented manner and being aware of patient population health management that may transform a community.

  1. Human resources is a necessary thinking partner.

All too often, HR is included after visions are planned, strategy is set and decisions are made. Transformation and delivery of results happens through the people in the system. Shifting the mindset of human resources as merely executing the decisions to being a trusted advisor upstream in thinking through the strategy and decisions is vital for true transformation.

  1. Outside assistance is necessary so choose wisely.

Outside consultancies and strategic partnerships are necessary for optimal transformation and perspective, and not all are created equal. Choose wisely and engage partners with a depth and breadth of healthcare leadership experience that have been certified in the ability to transform teams and, who themselves, are proficient in systems and complexity thinking.

Agility is necessary for an outside consultancy to tailor to an organization’s unique needs. They need to contain credible experts in the fields of individual, team and organizational development and transformation.

Most importantly, you need to have a relationship with the people that you will be working with, and not just the face of the organization that sells the service. Outside assistance is necessary, so choose wisely for the most effective results.

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