Leadership Development

Imagine what could be possible if all of those leading others in your organization had capability for new ways of thinking and acting to navigate today’s complexity. We provide custom assessments and coaching engagements delivered by expert leaders, credentialed coaches and healthcare execs designed for:

You achieve measurable results through executive coaching and mentoring using validated assessment tools and pre- and post-measurement for leadership competencies, including:


We apply time-tested techniques in a practical way that helps busy leaders grow skills and succeed in getting sustainable results.

Team Development

Picture your work and project teams being energized in meetings and working together more effectively. What if “silos” in your organization begin to work well collaboratively using their individual and collective strengths?

We provide team assessments and custom workshops to achieve measurable performance results focused on:


We facilitate validated methodologies in experiential processes helping busy teams learn and apply new skills in real-time applications.

System Integration

In healthcare’s changing landscape, systems are reorganizing and often merging in order to successfully continue serving their communities. Are you experiencing challenges related to:

How can you honor and respect the best of each system while also forming a new identity and integrated system?

We partner with you using evidence-based assessments and collaborative consulting to measure system dynamics and achieve sustainable results focused on leveraging:


We guide a structured process that pragmatically transforms systems to operationally integrate while strategically succeeding in complexity.


Data shows increasing rates of burnout and chronic illnesses in those who are providing care to others, leading to poor patient care and quality outcomes. The result is poor health for all. Well-Being is not just the lack of these conditions and getting to neutral. As Dr. Travis’ illness-wellness continuum shares, Well-Being is the mindset and competencies to define one’s healthy outcomes needed to feel energized, resilient, engaged and purposeful.

We partner with you using leading-edge assessments, leadership and health & wellness coaching to bring out the creator in your own Well-Being, focusing on:



Does your culture support your strategy? How do you know? How do your people create new ways of behaving and operating together? How do you continuously improve and measure their progress?

We partner with you on the “how” by using concrete, actionable, and measurable ways.

Our clients are clinical and technical experts who recognize that to succeed – individually and collectively – they also need to focus on culture as a key strategy in achieving their system’s strategic results.

We use comprehensive, healthcare-specific approaches to identify your culture’s current state and support you developing the new internal operating system needed to attain your strategic and long-term results, including:

We support you to authentically live your values to deliver on your organization’s brand and mission.

Leadership Ecosystem Capacitation

This Leadership Ecosystem Capacitation (LEC) Model provides our differentiating framework for how we partner with you to increase the capacity of your leadership – at the individual, team, and system levels – to deepen the organization’s strategic, operational, and cultural capacity in a sustainable way.