Leadership Ecosystem Capacitation (LEC) Model


Leadership Ecosystem Capacitation (LEC) Model

The LEC Model provides a framework for how we partner with you to increase the capacity of your leadership – at the individual, team and system levels – to deepen the organization’s strategic, operational and cultural capacity in a sustainable way. The LEC Model includes 4 phases:


Begins with a consultative dialogue with stakeholders to understand the current & desired future states, resources, constraints, supports. Continues throughout the other phases for continuous improvement.


A measurable, collaborative process to create an effective approach for the desired results, based on what was Discovered. Leverages our expertise and best-practices to meet your leadership and system’s unique and familiar dynamics.


Once a Design is ready to launch, we implement and assess over the span of a year to identify changes, progress and what to adapt in the Design.


Review qualitative and quantitative ongoing results in order to create long-term capacity and effective change. We utilize this critical continuous feedback process for iterative learning and adapting at all phases moving forward.

These 4 phases are repeatable simultaneously across multiple leadership levels – individual, team, system – and operating paradigms – external environment and internal operating systems. With the LEC approach, a better infrastructure and more sustainable scaffolds are available in support of the expanded leadership capacities throughout the ecosystem. The complexity and ambiguity of the complex challenges ahead in healthcare require this level of multi-processing and adaptability to secure a dynamic future.


Leadership Ecosystem Capacitation (LEC) Model.

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